XDragoon – Animated Webseries News!


First of all, I need to sorry for won´t update the site recently, I ended with no time to update it, also with the serious problems the site had with WordPress. Soon, this problem will be fully solved.


There´s many news relaterd to XDragoon which I have working in the past months, but I know many people asking: “Where´s XDragoon Animated Webseries on Youtube?”

Due to various other works, I needed to stop the production various times, also because of lack of money in various moments. The Brazillian crowdfunding page of project doesn´t exists on APOIA.se anymore.

Stopped there due to lack of donations and the site system was buggy to update, so, the only site you can donate to the project is Patreon now. You can become a patron and have access to exclusive content I produce, not only XDragoon, starting on 1USD!

Become a patron: http://www.patreon.com/felipeyuski

The animation is on going, but slow process. At the moment 4 episodes have been animated, but there was a big problem: Voice Acting and music, needed a good place for record it and some of original VAs are unavailable or didn´t replied, so a recast was needed. But around 10 days ago the main problem was solved!

XDragoon got into record at Imagine Sound Thinking, William Viana´s (Rocky´s New Voice Actor) studio! Some of the voices casted are special for some generations in Brazil (Note.: The original voice acting is in Brazillian Portuguese, no English dub at the moment)!

The recording sessions will finish around 2nd or 3rd week of December, so I can finally give a release date!!

XDragoon – Fire King debuts January 22nd at the oficial YouTube Channel! Here are the people who working in the project.


Felipe Marcantonio – Original Creator, Animator, Director, Productor, In-Bethween Animation, and Character Designer
José Amorim Neto – In-Bethween Animation
Ingrid Fernandes – Clean-Up and Shading
Rafael Llerena – Clean-Up and Shading
Mileny Raquel Cusato – Shading


Daniel Miura – Soundtrack of Episode 1, Producer of new Theme Song
????? ?????? – Soundtrack
??????? ???? – Vocal

Voice Production – Imagine Sound Thinking

Director – William Vianna

Cast at the moment

Rocky – William Vianna
Alfred – ???
Renata – ???
Phillip – ???
Berry – ???
Lance – Miguel de Britto
Fei – ???
Marina – ???
Guilherme – ???

Rei do Fogo – ???

News coming soon!