“Viagem sem Volta”

An opening sequence made with collaboration of Animadness. Originally made to celebrate the 2 years of the series. (Also known as “Travel with no Return”)

“April Fools Trailer”

A video made in 2011 as April Fools, with collaboration of portal JBOX. Yeah, we´re really bad boys

“Pilot Episode”

A pilot episode made before the comic production, in 2007. It was how originally the series intended to start. Featured voices: Tânia Gaidarji, Igor Lott, Rogério Ferraz, Aloysio Wallo and Felipe Marcantonio.

“Trailer – Pilot 2007″

A concept trailer, using the music “Skill” from Jam Project. Some scenes from this trailer were prototypes.

“Original Pilot from 2004″

The first animation of XDragoon made in 2004, when I was just an student. Here is were Rocky and Alfred born.