Chapter 28 – Pages 33 and 34

21 de October de 2014

Amber go ahead fighting Sapphire, the hot-blooded Morphs don´t want to listen the Jewelian´s words anymore, but what´ll happen? Next pages coming on Thursday!


XDragoon: Rockstar 4 Cover

17 de October de 2014

To celebrate the 2.200 likes in the XDragoon page on Facebook, I revealing now the cover of newest XDragoon: Rockstar chapter! Check out! Colors again by the talented Sabrina Bolduc!The comic will be released online on November 24th! Stay tuned! ;)


Chapter 28 – Pages 31 and 32

16 de October de 2014

Alar and Amber are in front of Sapphire, the fearsome Ruby´s brother. He reveals the original intention of Ruby and the Plan “B” to awake someone from it´s 1000 years sleep. Next pages coming on Tuesday!


Chapter 28 – Pages 29 and 30

14 de October de 2014

Fenris had a hard beggining against Tourmaline, he´ll have chance to win? At the Morphs Palace, Alar and Amber are facing another Jewelian! Who´s it? Next pages coming on Thursday! ;)

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