Chapter 29 – Pages 15 and 16

18 de December de 2014

Topaz who have a Black Pulse, transfoms Drazil in a statue of black jewel. Meanwhile, Rocky and the others arrive back to the palace and found a terrible surprise… Tonight, I´ll bring information about XDragoon: Rockstar 4 and Fred Guara! Stay Tuned!! Next pages are about to come next Wednesday for the Christmas! 8D


Chapter 29 – Pages 13 and 14

16 de December de 2014

Drazil was at the Emperor´s Room when someone arrives: It´s Topaz, the wife of his friend Krad who was supposed to be dead… How she return to life? Next pages coming this Thursday!! ;)


Chapter 29 – Pages 11 and 12

11 de December de 2014

After being distracted, Sapphire is caught on Alar´s trap, but this will mean his defeat? Meanwhile, someone unexpected appears in front of Deputy Emperor Drazil. Next pages coming on next Tuesday! ;)


Chapter 29 – Pages 09 and 10

9 de December de 2014

Alar is having big problems in the fight against Ruby´s bother, Sapphire. But the flying Morphs have one or two tricks to use… Next pages coming this Thursday!

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