Fred Guara 01 – Pages 20 and 21

8 de February de 2016

Theolbald seems to know something about Fred´s past. Meanwhile Frend and the others are coming in style… Next pages on Monday!


Fred Guara 01 – Pages 18 and 19

5 de February de 2016

Peter is acting annoying at Gomo´s Farm, when Theobald arrives and learns about Fred Guara is coming. Next pages on Monday!


Chapter 33 – Pages 15 and 16

4 de February de 2016

Black Diamond, transformed into GodJewelian, uses her power to defeat Rocky and Alar. She´ll finally have her revange on Dragons and Morphs? Don´t miss the next pages!! Something incredible will happen! Next Tuesday! Follow me at Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!


Chapter 33 – Pages 13 and 14

2 de February de 2016

After Rocky and Alar break free from the gem statue prison, Black Diamond uses her XGem and transforms into the GodJewelian, but Rocky and Alar don´t seem surprised about her transformation. Follow me at Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr!

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