Chapter 31 – Pages 11 and 12

2 de July de 2015

At Planet Deoh-tah, Alar was fighting Sapphire with all his forces, but almost lose his life, when Dhomeni and Sabre appears to save him. Will they be able to face Ruby´s brother? Next pages on July 7th! ;)


Chapter 31 – Pages 09 and 10

30 de June de 2015

Rocky, Phillip and Joshua arrives at the Temple. Is the person who they met, is who they think she is? Meanwhile, at the Morphs’ planet… Next pages on Thursday, July 2nd!


Chapter 31 – Pages 07 and 08

25 de June de 2015

Joshua tells to them about Black Diamond and why they´re head the the Temple of Sacred Crystals. Someone special is waiting in this historic place. Next pages coming on Tuesday! =)

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