Chapter 28 – Pages 23 and 24

25 de September de 2014

We arrived on the half of the Chapter with a shocking revelation. Next week I won´t release new pages, the chapter 28 will return now on October 7th, but I´ll bring some news and information about Brasil Comic Con convention. Also, I´ll update the fanart section next week, if you want to have your fan-art [...]


XDragoon at Brazil Comi Con

24 de September de 2014

On November 15th and 16th will happen the Brasil Comic Con by Yamato (the same of Anime Friends Convention) in São Paulo and XDragoon will be present at the “Beco dos Artistas” area on Felipe Marcantonio´s table on both days. All XDragoon Specials and XDragoon Rockstar will be there for sale, as well other stuff! [...]


Chapter 28 – Pages 21 and 22

23 de September de 2014

New pages arrived!! Rocky takes his decision and talk with Drazil about this idea. To read the new pages, click on the picture above! Next pages on Thursday!


Chapter 28 – Pages 19 and 20

18 de September de 2014

More pages coming! Rocky show to Drazil how much he evolved. Next pages coming on Tuesday! ;)

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