Chapter 35 – Final – Pages 04 e 05

25 de August de 2016

After an hard and intense battle, Rocky and Phillip have no more energy and due to exaustion, one of them fall. See you on Tuesday! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and now I have a Patreon, a crowdfunding page which you can help support my comics and animations!


Chapter 35 (Final) – Pages 01 to 03

22 de August de 2016

The time passed in a blink of eyes… After 8 years, XDragoon finally reached it´s final chapter, but it´s just beggining! A lot will happen in this chapter! Are you ready? I hope you are, because the first 3 pages are now available! Next pages coming on Thursday! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and [...]


Chapter 34 is Complete! XDragoon´s 8th Anniversary!

1 de August de 2016

E se conclui mais um capítulo de XDragoon! Obrigado a todos que acompanharam. Hoje também é o 8º Aniversário da série! E para comemorar, estou liberando para vocês a capa do Capítulo 35! Que começará a ser lançado dia 16 de Agosto! =D And stay tuned, news coming this week as well updates! Remember to [...]


Chapter 34 – Pages 42 to 47

29 de July de 2016

First, I´m sorry for won´t notice the last updates here, was running with other works and wasn´t able to post news, but the pages came normally, since they were programmed. The battle of Rocky and Phillip is almost finishing! The 3 final pages coming on August 1st, series 8th Anniversary!! See you! Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and [...]

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