Chapter 30 – Pages 27 and 28

23 de April de 2015

After everything was fine, the dragons was surprised by Topaz again. The Jewelian was able to hit Berry! What´ll happen now?! New pages coming on Tuesday, April 28th!


Chapter 30 – Pages 25 and 26

21 de April de 2015

XDragoon is back with a big plot twist! The battle against the Jewelians will be full of tension and new powers will be awaken!Don´t miss the next pages that´ll come this Thursday!! ;) And to note: I moving to a new house and I hope it finishes until May 10th, so, don´t worry if the [...]


XDragoon: Rockstar 4 – Pages 21 and 22 (End)

10 de April de 2015

Final pages up! This chapter concludes the first arc of XDragoon: Rockstar! Now the series will move to the next Target: Will Cynthia will become a Rockstar? Chapter 5 production started this week! Soon, news about it!


Chapter 30 – Pages 23 and 24

9 de April de 2015

Berry creates an incredible trap and captures the Jewelian Topaz! Now, Rocky and Phillip enter in action! Next pages will coming on April 21st, I´ll have a week to rest. ;) But stay tuned, tomorrow I´ll bring the last pages of XDragoon: Rockstar 4! ;)

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