XDragoon 28! The beggining of a new adventure!

22 de August de 2014

After a long wait, the original XDragoon series is back, giving sequel to the adventures of Rocky and the dragons now in their home planet! Also, the Morphs are back to Deoh-tah and had a surprise. Renata is on Earth, where she´ll study on the university, but she made a request to Rocky, what´s it? [...]


XDragoon 27 for Download!

17 de August de 2014

Finally for download, the final chapter of Morphs Arc! Now the whole arc is available for download! If you didn´t read it yet, what you´re waiting for? On Friday 22nd, the new adventure starts on Alp-Pha Galaxy, it´s time to prepare for it! ;)


XDragoon: Rockstar 3 – Final Week!

11 de August de 2014

XDragoon: Rockstar 3, the final week begins with pages 18, 19 and 20! What´ll happen on the 4th Chapter? XDragoon: Rockstar will return soon! And on next week, the waited return of XDragoon original series! New arc begins on August 22nd, I´ll wait for you!! =D

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