XDragoon: Rockstar 3 – Second Week!

14 de July de 2014

New week, new pages! Page 4 is already up, Pages 5 and 6 are coming this Wednesday and Friday!! I´ll be out this week and next one because of Anime Friends convention, the biggest anime and manga convention in Latin America. I´ll be there at Fanzine Expo area with XDragoon:Rockstar printed issues. ;)


XDragoon: Rockstar 3 – First Week!

7 de July de 2014

The wait is over! XDragoon: Rockstar is back giving sequel to the story of Rocky, Albert and the girl Cynthia, who is wanting to become a Rockstar! The pages will be released on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays! Don´t miss any of them! =D

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