Chapter 32 – Pages 25 and 26

12 de November de 2015

After beign hitted by Rocky, Phillip open his eyes and see how Rocky evolved during this time. They´re now acting like good friends when they see a image of Alar! Next pages will coming next Tuesday! Don´t misse them! ;)


Fred Guará 02 – Pages 12 to 19 (Lamen)

11 de November de 2015

Fred Guará is back with it´s second Chapter at the webcomics portal, Lamen! Will be the first day of Talita at the Lobo Loco, what will happen on her debut?! Next pages coming next Wednesday! ;) About the English version, I´m a bit ashemed to say, but it´ll delay a bit more guys. I request [...]


Chapter 32 – Pages 23 and 24

10 de November de 2015

After cure Phillip, Rocky had an unexpected reaction because of his appologies. Phillip is surprised and say something to Rocky. On next Thursday, 2 new pages!


Chapter 32 – Pages 21 and 22

5 de November de 2015

Rocky pulverizes Jasper definitly and go cure Phillip. The red dragon laments and put all the fault under himself for won´t be able to protect the other dragons, but Rocky take an attitude… On next Tuesday, 2 new pages!

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