Chapter 32 – Pages 01 and 02

1 de October de 2015

And begins the 5th part of Alp-Pha Arc! The battle agains tht e Jewelians are at it´s end! Will the dragons defeat Jasper? Rocky and Alar will go to Beth-tah? Will only know if you read. ;D A chapter that´ll bring a big surprise! At Tuesdays and Thursdays. Next pages coming on October 6th!


Result of Contest 2015!

21 de September de 2015

And finally the result of contest! We didn´t had too much submissions, I suppose due to this time of year many people is returning to the school and eve having tests, but the ones we got were REALLY good! XDragoon Lance by DOA687 from United Kingdom! We liked this visual of Lance a lot and [...]


Fred Guará 01 – Pages 17 to 31 (Lamen)

16 de September de 2015

Talita meet Fred Guara, and together they go to Lobo Loco agency, where she can explain why needing their services. Now, they´re heading to Mister Gomo´s ranch to save Talita´s stupid brother! “When the english version will come?” You ask… The release date of it is set for November 11th here on XDragoon home page! [...]


Chapter 31 – Complete! Series reaches it´s 1500th page!

15 de September de 2015

And another XDragoon chapter is finished! Will Rocky and Alar go to Beth-tah? The Alp-Pha Galaxy arc is about to reach it´s climax, but what we just reached now is a really important mark: 1500 pages online! I thank so much my fans, family and friends who give me much energy to keep continung this [...]

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