Chapter 29 – Pages 29 and 30

21 de January de 2015

Rocky, Berry and Lance enter on the nursery of palace and found that the babies also turned out gems. Lance falls on the trap, trying to touch one of the babies and turned into a gem too… When, they see her… Next pages coming on Thursday!

El Ranno

Fan Area Updated!

16 de January de 2015

Hey, guys! As promissed today the Fan Area was finally updated with new 8 pictures by fans! =D To access it, click here! You want to send your draws for us? There´s various ways! You can send it via:   – Section Contact here on the site; – By note for my deviantArt. – Tweeting [...]


Chapter 29 – Pages 27 and 28

15 de January de 2015

Rocky, Lance and Berry, are surprise and angry to see the kids being transformed into black gem statues too… Rocky feels an energy from the baby nursery… This enemy gone that far?! Tomorrow the fanart section will get an update with some pics! If you want to see yours here tomorrow, senf it for me! [...]


Chapter 29 – Pages 25 and 26

12 de January de 2015

New pages and now came in the right day! ;D Phillip is with a big problem if he´ll battle the Jewelian Emerald… Meanwhile, Rocky, Berry and Lance arrive at the children´s room of the Palace. Next pages will come on Thursday 15th. See you all! ;)

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