Chapter 28 – Pages 17 and 18

16 de September de 2014

New pages up for read! ;) And i´m sorry for won´t update the new wallpapers. On Friday, was called at the work to substitute a teacher and after a long day, totally forgot them… And I travelled this weekend. But this week, the new wallpapers will be up! ;)


Chapter 28 – Pages 15 and 16

11 de September de 2014

The two pages of Thursday are now up! Click on the picture above to go for Chapter selection menu. =) Tomorrow, I´ll release new wallpapers. ;)


Chapter 28 – Pages 13 and 14

9 de September de 2014

And here the first two pages of the week! Rocky and the dragons going to the Emperor´s Room. Somebody is awaiting for them! Read the pages now clicking in the picture above. Next pages on Thursday. ;) Now, news about the spin-off series, XDragoon: Rockstar 4th Chapter!! – It´ll starts in End of October. – [...]

Cynthia espera por você! ;)

Tomorrow new pages are coming!

8 de September de 2014

New pages of XDragoon 28 coming tomorrow early. Also, the first inforrmation about XDragoon: Rockstar 4 will be revealed! What´ll be? Come back tomorrow! ;)

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