Chapter 28 – Pages 37 and 38

28 de October de 2014

Rocky and all other dragons are at the memorial where the Emperors and Elite Soldiers from past generations are honored, when somebody arrives: A New Elite Soldier! Next pages to come this Thursday!


Chapter 28 – Pages 35 and 36

23 de October de 2014

Amber is down after a quick and precise attack from Sapphire, now Alar will fight him. Will the flying Morphs be able to defeat Ruby´s brother? Meanwhile, in Gan-mah… Next pages coming on Tuesday! ;)


Chapter 28 – Pages 33 and 34

21 de October de 2014

Amber go ahead fighting Sapphire, the hot-blooded Morphs don´t want to listen the Jewelian´s words anymore, but what´ll happen? Next pages coming on Thursday!


XDragoon: Rockstar 4 Cover

17 de October de 2014

To celebrate the 2.200 likes in the XDragoon page on Facebook, I revealing now the cover of newest XDragoon: Rockstar chapter! Check out! Colors again by the talented Sabrina Bolduc!The comic will be released online on November 24th! Stay tuned! ;)

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