Chapter 31 – Pages 19 and 20

16 de July de 2015

Dhomeni.Sabre and Amber are making the possible and impossible to defeat Sapphire, but Ruby´s brother is a lot more powerful than apparents. Next week, all 4 pages are coming on July 22nd. Something impressive will happen in the story! Tomorrow the  Anime Friends resumes and I´ll be at the Brasil Comic Con from July 17th [...]


Chapter 31 – Pages 17 and 18

14 de July de 2015

The Morphs were finally able to put an end on Opal, meanwile Sabre, Dhomeni and Amber are efforting to battle Sapphire. This week the Anime Friends will continue and I´ll be inside the Brasil Comic Con area from July 17th to 19th with the 5 issues of XDragoon Rockstar and the Fred Guara Specia! =) [...]


Chapter 31 – Pages 15 and 16

9 de July de 2015

Fenris, Sorico  and Scrofa make a plan to defeat the Jewelian Opal. Will they´ll win over this fearsome enemy? Tomorrow the Anime Friends begins, and I´ll be there at the Brasil Comic Con area from July 10th to 19th! Information: http://www.anifriends.com.br/


Chapter 31 – Pages 11 and 12

2 de July de 2015

At Planet Deoh-tah, Alar was fighting Sapphire with all his forces, but almost lose his life, when Dhomeni and Sabre appears to save him. Will they be able to face Ruby´s brother? Next pages on July 7th! ;)

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