XDragoon Livestream – Clean Up and Animation

15 de November de 2016

Today at 2:30pm (UTC-2), I´ll do the first livestreaming of XDragoon on Youtube! To don´t miss it, subscribe on the channel! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY_YdUkPr2TK3Rmok7t4ygw You can help supporting the project via Patreon. If you´re Brazillian, you can donate via APOIA.se!!


XDragoon, Animated Webseries – Patreon campaign beings!

14 de November de 2016

XDragoon, after many years, finally becoming animation!! One of biggest brazilian webcomics ever made, did a step into a new challenge! But it´ll need your help to go forward! With Patreon, XDragoon count on your help to produce the project which have high costs. You can help with any amount, and help sharing the Patreon [...]


XDragoon – Series Finale

12 de November de 2016

On August 1st of 2008, I released the first 10 pages of XDragoon, it was well received, but yet I was uncertain of it´s sucess or if I was going ahead of it. But I take it as a challenge, to make a complete series no matter how much time was going to take. Today, [...]


Chapter 35 – Final – Pages 42 and 43

9 de November de 2016

Rocky finally talk about his feelings, what Renata will say?! Series ends on this Saturday!! Ready for the Series Finale? Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and now I have a Patreon, a crowdfunding page which you can help support my comics and animations!

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