Chapter 30 – Pages 41 and 42

19 de May de 2015

Taiyou had a hard battle against  Opal, Fenris is heading where Alar is fighting Sapphire… Meanwhile, at the Deoh-tah Palace… Next pages on Thursday!


Chapter 30 – Pages 39 and 40

15 de May de 2015

Opal surprises Ruster´s pupils and hits Tsuki with Black Pulse, will Taiyou be able to fight him alone? Next pages will come on Tuesday, May 19th!


Chapter 30 – Pages 37 and 38

14 de May de 2015

Tsuki uses her techinique, Deep Eclipse to make the place dark and hide from Opal, it´ll will work out? More coming tomorrow!


Chapter 30 – Pages 35 and 36

13 de May de 2015

The sinblings Tsuki and Taiyou was in dificulties against the Jewelian called Opal, when they use a trap to get him. They´ll be able to win? More coming tomorrow!

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