XDragoon: Rockstar – Final Chapter

2 de June de 2018

After many delays (really, MANY), I finally got to release the final chapter of XDragoon: Rockstar! Find out what happened to the Delta Band contest! Does Cynthia become a Rockstar?! Find out now! :D For who wanting to support XDragoon, you can become a patron at Patreon, starting with 1USD! Soon, news of 2nd [...]


Fred Guará: Chapters 03 to 05 in Portuguese (at moment!)

8 de April de 2018

All released chapters of Fred Guará are now available here, but at the moment, only in Portuguese. English translation will come later this month!! After all chapters translated, I´ll give sequence on releasing the next chapters! A little more patience guys! Thank you all so much!


Fred Guará is now fully published on XDragoon!

3 de March de 2018

Starting today, Fred Guará is fully published on XDragoon official site, after the end of LAMEN´s site. The adventures of Lobo Loco crew is here to make you have fun! 90 pages filled with crazyness! Chapter 3 will arrive this week, complete!


Brazil´s National Comics Day

30 de January de 2018

Hoje, 30 de Janeiro, é o dia do quadrinho Nacional! E para comemorar, trago para vocês a conclusão do 6º Capítulo de XDragoon: Rockstar!! Pode ser acessado aqui: XDragoon: Rockstar 6 – Banda Delta – Parte 1. Não deixem de assinar o canal no YouTube para não perder os próximos vídeos de XDragoon! Além de [...]

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